Saint John's Catholic Church Parish Staff

For all sacramental or emergency needs, Please call Fr. Feltes at 715-568-3255

Pastor Fr. Victor Feltes(E-Mail) 715-568-3255
Secretary Virginia Berge(E-Mail ) 715-568-3778
Bookkeeper Diane Boettcher (E-Mail) 715-568-3778
Custodian Ken Schmitt (E-Mail) 715-568-5508
St. John - Cooks Valley Office 715-568-3778
St. John - Cooks Valley Fax 715-568-9778
St. Paul's - Bloomer Office Ext 10 715-568-3255
Altar Society    
President Terri Ruff 715-962-3353
Vice President Melissa Johnson 715-568-4701
Sectary Amy Leavens 715-568-5272
Treasurer Christine Hall 715-568-4397
Music Ministry    
Organist James Willi 715-568-2158
Choir Director Christi Larson 715-568-2662
Religous Education    
Director of Religous Education Becky Paulson(E-Mail 715-568-5111
Pastoral Council    
President Fr. Victor Feltes 715-568-3255
Family Life    
Education Deb Klukas 715-962-4186
Liturgy Kevin Butek 715-962-3433
Representative James Willi 715-568-2158
Representative Patricia Zwiefelhofer 715-568-4970
Finance Council 
President Fr. Victor Feltes 715-568-3255
Representative David Loew 715-568-2754
Representative David Blair 715-568-5448
Representative Randy Sarauer 715-568-4713
Andy Shakal
Representative Clayton Shakal 715-568-4131
Buildings and Grounds    
Buildings and Grounds Ken Schmitt 715-568-5508
Cemetery Board
President Fr. Victor Feltes 715-568-3255
Secretary Diane Hayes 715-874-6145
Treasurer Patricia Michels  715-568-1508
Sexton Ken Schmitt 715-568-5508
Board Member Richard Pecha 715-237-2414
Board Member James & Staci Poirier 715-568-3736
Board Member Pat Prince 715-568-1771
Board Member Gary Swartz 715-962-3352
Board Member Andrew Shakal 715-568-5243

New Parishoners

We welcome all new parishioners. Please contact the parish office for registration.

Bulletin Deadline

Tuesday afternoon. Call the parrish office with bulletin information 715-568-3778 or email at

Free Catholic Ministry Nationwide

1-800-mass times (1-800-627-7846) or find out Mass times at a church near your travel destiny